PARIS – Eric Hamel and Richard Moulton told police they planned last week’s shooting deaths of Victor Sheldon and Roger Day in retribution over a woman.

According to a police affidavit, Sheldon’s estranged wife Gayla Sheldon was dating Moulton, and Moulton and Hamel pre-planned the shootings.

Hamel has confessed to pulling the trigger on the handgun, killing Sheldon and Day.

Hamel, 19, of Mexico, and Moulton, 22, of Mexico, made their initial court appearance in Oxford County Superior Court Monday afternoon, where Justice William Brodrick ordered them held without bail until trial.

Sheldon and Day were shot to death around 10 a.m. on Aug. 3 at the apartment they shared on Pine Street in Rumford.

According to an affidavit of State Police Det. Lucas Hare, police interviewed Hamel on Aug. 6, and during that interview Hamel admitted going into the apartment and shooting both men. He left the residence, buried the gun and later showed police where the weapon was.

Hamel was arrested and charged with two counts of murder before dawn Friday.

A second affidavit of State Police Det. John Hainey, containing Moulton’s confession, indicates that Hamel and Moulton planned on shooting the two men in retribution over some conflict with Sheldon’s estranged wife, who has been dating Moulton.

Moulton was arrested Friday afternoon, also charged with two counts of murder.

Moulton, who initially told police he had witnessed a 20-something shooter leave the residence and run away, cooperated with police during much of last week, including helping draft a composite sketch of Hamel. Hamel became a suspect in the case following a series of witness interviews held over the week.

Moulton and Hamel are said to be close friends, and the accused and the deceased all knew each other in some way.

According to police, neither Moulton nor Hamel are known to have extensive criminal histories, but may have had minor brushes with the law as juveniles.

Attorney George Hess has been appointed to represent Eric Hamel and attorney Kevin Joyce has been appointed to represent Moulton.

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