NORWAY – Norway Memorial Library has announced its July book list.


Adiga, “Aravind – The White Tiger’: Adler, Elizabeth, “There’s Something about St. Tropez”; Ali, Monica, “In the Kitchen”; Andrews, Mary Kay, “The Fixer Upper”; Barbieri, Heather, “The Lace Makers of Glenmara”; Battles, Brett, “Shadow of Betrayal”; Box, C.J., “Below Zero”; Brookner, Anita, “Strangers”; Brown, Nic, “Floodmarkers”; Burke, James Lee, “Rain Goes”; Caldwell, Laura, “Red Blooded Murder, Red Hot Lies”; Carter, Stephen L., “Jericho’s Fall”; Castillo, Linda, “Sworn to Silence”; Connolly, John, “The Lovers”; Cook, Thomas H., “The Fate of Katherine Carr”; Coonts, Stephen, “Deep Black: Arctic Gold.

Also, Coulter, Catherine, “Knock Out”; Currie, Ron, Jr., “Everything Matters”; Daheim, Mary, “The Alpine Uproar”; Deaver, Jeffery, “Roadside Crosses”; Duns, Jeremy, “Free Agent”; Evanovich, Janet, “Finger Lickin’ Fifteen”; Gardner, Lisa, “The Neighbors”; Green, Jane, “Dune Road”; Gruley, Bryan, “Starvation Lake”; Hoffman, Alice, “The Story Sisters”; Ignatius, David, “The Increment”; Iles, Greg, “The Devil’s Punchbowl”; Jance, J.A., “Fire and Ice”; Johansen, Iris, “Storm Cycle”; Koontz, Dean, “Relentless”; La Plante, Lynda, “Deadly Intent”; Lansdale, Joe R., “Vanilla Ride”; Lennon, J. Robert, “Castle.”

Also, Lescroart, John, “A Plague of Secrets”; Locke, Attica, “Black Water Rising”; Lynch, Jim, “Border Songs”; Lipman, Elinor, “The Family Man”; Margolis, Sue, “Forget Me Knot”; Martini, Steve, “Guardian of Lies”; Monroe, Mary Alice, “Last Light Over Carolina”; Parker, Robert B., “Brimstone”; Patterson, James, “Swimsuit”; Pattison, Eliot, “The Lord of Death”; Pearson, Ridley, “Killer Summer”; Reyn, Irina, “What Happened to Anna K.”; Richards, Emilie, “Happiness Key”; Roberts, Nora, “Black Hills”; Ruiz Zafon, Carlos, “The Angel’s Game”; Silva, Daniel, “The Defector”; Slaughter, Karin, “Undone”; Smith, Wilbur, “Assegai.”

Also, Steel, Danielle, “Matters of the Heart”; Swarup, Vikus, “Six Suspects”; Tanenbaum, Robert K., Capture”; Vine, Barbara, “The Birthday Present”; Walbert, Kate, “A Short History of Women”; Westlake, Donald E., “Get Real”; Weiner, Jennifer, “Best Friends Forever”; Wickham, Madeleine, “The Wedding Girl”; Wingate, Lisa, “The Summer Kitchen.


Darlington, Terry, “Narrow Dog to Carcassonne”; Darlington, Terry, “Narrow Dog to Indian River”; Kaplan, Fred, “1959: the Year Everything Changed”; Aldrin, Buzz, “Magnificent Desolation: the Long Journey from the Moon”; Buckley, Christopher, “Losing Mum and Pup: a Memoir”; Swift, Graham, “Making an Elephant: Writing from Within.”

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