JAY — High school Principal Joe Moore said Tuesday that he’s changed his mind about charging students $5 for the first parking permit. They’ll be free.

Last Thursday, the School Committee approved several changes to the school’s student/parent handbook, including the $5 permit. Moore said he had a few calls from parents after the fee was announced and he decided against it.

Another change is students will no longer be able to bring their snowmobiles to school, Moore said. The brief pilot program last year didn’t work, he said.

Another change parents should know about, Moore said, is requirements on student use and care of school-issued laptop computers. They must not be left unattended at any time; nothing should be put on top of them; and students, parents and legal guardians will be responsible for compensating the school system for any losses, costs or damages incurred by the school if the rules are violated. Students could be put on detention or lose the use of computer privileges. And habitual violators of technology-use rules could be suspended, according to the handbook.

Students are prohibited from accessing materials or communications and sending or posting materials or communications that are damaging to another’s reputation, abusive, obscene, sexually oriented, threatening, harassing and illegal. They are not allowed to invade the privacy of individuals, use another’s account or password, post anonymous messages or forge electronic mail messages.

Vandalism to the laptops will result in cancellation of privileges and other disciplinary action. The handbook defines vandalism as any malicious attempt to harm or destroy the school’s equipment or materials, data of another student, the Internet, network, or agency. It also includes uploading or creating computer viruses.

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