According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, members of Congress have voted themselves four additional private jets for their junkets to exotic vacation spots around the the world. What pure and arrogant hypocrisy. This action just after they embarrassed, chastised and ridiculed CEOs of the auto companies for using private jets for business purposes.

This is beyond words to describe how utterly out of touch these people are with the people they are supposed to be representing.

The whole country is struggling with the recession and the loss of jobs, the fear of financial problems, along with the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, and Congress, with its 22 percent approval rating, continues to stumble along, oblivious to what the needs of the country are, and plans more junkets for members and their families and their loyal staffs.

I can only hope their future trips are one-way.

George Jones, Otisfield

Editor’s Note: The Wall Street Journal reported Aug. 11 that Congress has reconsidered its expanded aircraft purchase.

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