AUBURN  — A computer software suite will let Twin Cities contractors and developers take out building permits, and keep up with inspections and code requirements.

Auburn City Councilors will get a first look at a proposed inspection and permitting system at their workshop meeting at 5:30 p.m. Monday. If adopted, it would become the system for keeping track of building projects in both cities.

“As it stands right now, neither city has adequate software for tracking planning, permitting, code or land-use matters,” said Laurie Smith, Auburn’s assistant city manager. “We have databases, but they don’t interact with each other and they don’t interact with anybody else. It’s a very manual system right now.”

Both cities are looking at a system designed by Energov that uses GIS mapping software to track projects. Developers would be able to apply for a variety of permits online, grouping them together based upon the project.

“They’d be able to schedule meetings with staff, get messages when inspections are done and see exactly where they stand,” Smith said. “That lets them manage their entire work flow better.”

It would also help the public keep track of projects.

“If they see a project, they can log on and look at the permits, too,” Smith said. “It’s much more transparent on a general basis and that’s good for government.”

Both cities and city councils will have to approve the software package and the provider. Smith said she hopes to have the system up and running within a year.

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