The Sun Journal was completely off the mark in its front page story Aug. 9 on the actions of the Lewiston City Councilors.

Local officials, like state and federal representatives, are there to represent their constituents and look into and try to resolve their many requests. That has been part of their duties forever. For the Sun Journal to make it look like they were just getting involved because of personal reasons is totally inappropriate.

We live in a small community where everyone knows, works or is related with each other or someone they have in common. To make an issue of their trying to assist individuals who otherwise would have no idea where to turn is ludicrous.

I realize the Sun Journal is trying to discredit the councilors because of their vote to oust former City Administrator Jim Bennett, but it should realize that this practice went on long before the current officials took office.

A front page apology or reinterpretation of the fact that nothing wrong was done is necessary, and I only hope that the Sun Journal will find something better to use as a filler the next time there’s a slow news day.

Jacqueline P. Smith, Lewiston

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