Cal Thomas’ column of Aug. 13 was absurd. There is no stipulation in the proposed health care reform that will “pull the plug on Grandma.” Not even close. There’ll be no “death panels,” “senior eradication squads,” or “ageist storm troopers.” These are fiction, made up to scare the public. They’re myths, ghosts, unreal, without substance. They’re slander. They’re great, big, deliberate and premeditated lies, lies, lies.

Thomas doesn’t like rationed health care. Neither do I … telling me what’s covered, and how much of it. Co-pays, UCR’s, what treatments I can get, doctors I can go to, medicines I can take. Who decides? Insurance executives. How do they decide? Actuarial tables. Statistics. Bean-counting. The bottom line. Yeah, let’s get rid of rationed health care.

Now about evolution. Thomas’ description is a bit slanted. It’s like saying that “God” is some sort of “super-genie” who some people believe “waved” some sort of “magical wand” and zip-pop-poof … here we are. Evolutionists consider human life to be much more important than some alleged cosmic parlor trick.

Now the previous two sentences are unfair and insulting, and I apologize for them. But I want to show how easy it is to rationalize a claim of moral superiority.

Thomas claims that atheists are low-brow heathens who want to kill your grandma.

I’m agnostic, and I value human life enough to want everyone to have health care. An idea that Bible-thumping Thomas is clearly not on board with.

Roger T. Landry, Poland

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