DURHAM — An unidentified Durham teen escaped apparent injury when his car struck a utility pole late Saturday morning on Plummer Mill Road.

The driver of a second vehicle, who was not directly involved in the crash, a pregnant 25-year-old local woman, was transported to Midcoast Hospital as a precautionary measure after becoming distraught.

Deputy Sheriff Delbert Mason declined to identify the 17-year-old driver because he is a juvenile and the crash is still under investigation. He also declined to identify the pregnant woman.

According to Deputy Mason, the youth was cresting a hill at 242 Plummer Mill Road, drifted into the oncoming lane and met an approaching vehicle. He swerved to the right and lost control of his car skidding back across the left lane onto the shoulder and slammed into a utilty pole, snapping it, the deputy said. There was no contact with the oncoming car.

His 1998 Volvo was demolished and loss to the pole, which was replaced, was set at $2,500 in the 10:58 a.m. crash.

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