LEWISTON — “The Ice Cream Theory,” a satirical social commentary by Steff Deschenes, a new Maine writer, offers insight on how certain ice cream flavors, like vanilla and chocolate, are similar to the many people we encounter in life.

Deschenes began developing her ice cream theory when she was 16. She observed that peoples’ personalities are in some ways like ice cream flavors – each elicits a particular feeling and conjures up a memories, good and sometimes bad.

From cookie dough to piña colada, “The Ice Cream Theory” contains 20 chapters named for ice cream flavors. Each chapter is written to serve as a metaphor for lessons one can learn in life.

In one chapter, for example, Deschenes writes, “If you stick to the same flavor over and over and over, then how do you know there isn’t something better out there?” The author, an advocate for adventurous living, asserts that trying something new – be it a new flavor of ice cream or skydiving – is all a part of the journey to becoming a better person.

After all, she writes, “How will you ever know which side of the spoon you’ll fall on without taking that first bite?”

In another chapter, Deschenes emphasizes that when it comes to people, like ice cream, there is no perfect flavor. “We need to learn to be a society that can accept that there is no such thing as perfection, because the sooner we realize that, (and) the sooner we apply that thought to the living of our lives, the better off we’ll be.”

This book utilizes humor and satire to encourage readers to enjoy life and the people around them, and that nothing is by accident – everything happens for a reason.

“The Ice Cream Theory” is available online at Amazon.com, BookSurge.com and through additional wholesale and retail channels.

Deschenes is a self-taught ice cream maker, who, when she isn’t conducting random social experiments or going on secret ice cream rendezvous with her younger sister, enjoys traveling and playing guitar. She lives in Maine with her bunny, Boone, and is diligently researching her next book, “The Burrito Theory.” She is also a part-time sports clerk for the Sun Journal.

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