LEWISTON — Out of the Box Theater, Lewiston-Auburn’s newest and recently incorporated theater, will present “Medea” on Aug. 28, 29, 30 at Downstage L/A Arts, 221 Lisbon St.

Linda Britt, co-founder of the theater with her husband, Stan Spilecki, is directing the play with Spilecki assisting.

The classical Greek tragedy is the Robinson Jeffers’ adaptation of Euripides’ “Medea,” which takes the story of a woman scorned and turns it into a wrenching tale of passion, betrayal and revenge.

“Medea” is sometimes called the “Hamlet” for actresses with Medea running the gamut of emotions from tenderness to bitter humor to vulnerability to unstoppable rage. She is rarely off-stage, and when she is on, she is the center of the action. But she does not tell her story alone.

Jeffers has taken the traditional Greek chorus and divided it into three women (portrayed by Rachel Spilecki, Jackie McDonald and Michelle Vazquez Jacobus) who play the Women of Corinth narrating the missing pieces of the story. They counsel and caution Medea (played by Ellen Peters) as the action unfolds. Medea’s wise Nurse, (Cheryl Reynolds) who has served her for many years, also provides a voice of reason as Medea’s mood darkens. These women also rarely leave the stage.

The men of the story are strong foils, but still no match for Medea. They are Jason, (Matt Delamater) who leaves Medea, who sacrificed a great deal for him, to marry a young princess; Creon, (Mark Hazard) Jason’s new father-in-law and the King of Corinth, who exiles Medea because of the harm he’s afraid she’ll do to his daughter; Aegeus, (Gerry Therrien) the King of Athens, who offers Medea refuge in his city.

Also in the story are Medea’s two young children (Luka and Sophie Jacobus), the children’s tutor (John Blanchette) and a slave (Jason Pelletier) who must narrate a terrifying off-stage scene.

There is no happy ending for Medea. Great passion in this play leads to even greater suffering. What is surprising in the aftermath is that one feels compassion for a woman who commits the most heinous act imaginable.

Production crew members are John Blanchette, producer, Stan Spilecki, set/lights; Michelle Washburn, stage manager; Jackie McDonald, costumes; Anna Cyr, program; Jeff Soifer, posters, Melody Driscoll, prompter and Rachel Morin, publicist.
Advance tickets are $10 and may be purchased by calling L/A Arts at 782-7228 or by logging on to www.laarts.org. Tickets will be $12 at the door. Seating is limited.

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