According to a homosexual Web site, California homosexuals are calling Maine, beginning in Oxford County which is known to be one of the more conservative counties in Maine. According to the article, a California homosexual organization called
Marriage Equality Silicon Valley and the Santa Clara County chapter of
the Courage Campaign have organized a phone call campaign to Maine. The
stated goal is to call registered voters, ask them about same-sex
marriage, and rate their support for further targeted action from the
No on 1/Protect Maine Equality.

The tricky point here is that the callers do not identify themselves
as being from out of state and from a homosexual organization.

feel that it is important the people receiving calls on the issue of homosexual marriage be forewarned that the homosexual movement is
pulling out all the stops to influence the voters of Maine to vote to
keep the gay marriage law intact. Both sides are active in their attempt to persuade voters toward their point of view.

With enough signatures collected this summer, voters will have a chance to express their opinion on homosexual marriage by voting in November. Many believe that legalizing homosexual marriage is bad for the state, for families, and especially for children. It is important that people know all the facts before entering the voting booth this November.

The Rev. Dallas E. Henry, Oxford

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