WILTON — The Franklin County Democrats will present a workshop, “Mobilizing a Community to Make Change,” at 7 p.m. Wednesday, July 22, at Wilson Grange Hall, Main Street, East Wilton. The how-to session will help people hone skills for effecting positive change relating to issues such as health care, conservation, renewable energy and education.

Participants will learn how to efficiently organize a lot of people so that each person’s assigned task is focused and do-able. “We’re all busy, but if each of us makes a small effort, the result is a huge beneficial impact on our local citizens, whether it’s bringing them better and more affordable health care or helping them to weatherize their homes. The payoff of community organizing is so wide-ranging it is difficult to calculate it,” said County Democratic Chairwoman Anne Geller. 

Staff members of the Maine division of Organizing for America (the action phase of the campaign that elected President Barack Obama) will lead the workshop in partnership with the local Democrats. All registered Democrats and people who think they might want to become Democrats are welcome. 

For more information, contact Geller at 778-6672 or [email protected]

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