RANGELEY — The Sunday, Aug. 9, Wilhelm Reich Museum program will be on “Outdoor Activities and First Aid” by Jeremy O’Neil.

The Sunday Natural Science program will focus on preparing for outdoor activities and what to do if something goes wrong. After a short lecture, people will take to the trails for a short hike. The free program will run from 2 to 4 p.m.

O’Neil was born and raised in Framingham, Mass., along with his three sisters and one brother. While attending college in Vermont, his dorm room was over a garage that housed two ambulances. So he joined the ambulance service, thinking it would be a hobby. The hobby turned into a full-time career after attending medic school in 1996.

O’Neil and his wife, Verna, have four children. O’Neil enjoys spending time with his family, as well as farming, using a chainsaw, camping, swimming, brewing beer, making his own maple syrup and being outside.

Visitors are encouraged to visit the observatory building which details the life and work of physician/scientist Wilhelm Reich whose interest in the natural environment led to the introduction of the natural science program in 1989.

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