LEWISTON — Adrien Lemay knows he’ll be with the Lewiston Maineiacs to begin the season.

His coach, Don MacAdam, has said repeatedly that the job is his to lose.

But there’s still plenty of uncertainty left in Lemay’s world. The most glaring question he still faces is: Who will share his crease this season?

“We have a great group of goalies in here who all have their own strengths,” MacAdam said. “I’ve seen a lot of these kids play myself, and each of them are strong and have shown me something different. The biggest thing I’ve seen so far is how hard they’re all competing.”

The key this week for the keepers is putting the total package together on a consistent basis.

One of the leading candidates to earn a place on the squad this season is the team’s top drafted goalie, Jordan Kennedy.

Coming off an injury during tryouts for Atlantic Canada’s Under-18 squad, Kennedy is the freshest keeper in camp.

“It felt a little tight, but there was no pain,” Kennedy said. “It’ll be fine going forward.”

But he may also have the most rust, and the most trepidation about reinjury.

Charles Grant, a netminder from Berwick, Nova Scotia, said to the Maineiacs’ staff at the draft he intended to make the team this year. That quest ended, at least for this year, late Thursday night when he got word he’d be kept on the team’s protected list, but cut from this year’s camp.

Tyler Piercy, who played at nearby North Yarmouth Academy last season, came to camp with every intention of remaining with the Maineiacs as long as possible. Piercy was, all-around, “one of the steadier goaltenders” at a recent camp in New Brunswick, MacAdam said.

“There’s already basically a starter here, so there’s one spot open,” Piercy said. “I got drafted pretty late, but that doesn’t mean anything to me.”

Piercy left open the possibility he may retain his college eligibility, but the thought process was simple.

“Whatever it takes to make it to the pros,” Piercy said.

Thursday night, Piercy was given a choice: He’s good enough to stay, but may still not make the final cut, but if he stays, his NCAA eligibility would vanish. Piercy and his father told team officials Thursday night that they’d make some calls and sleep on it.

Three 19-year-olds — invite Ian O’Brien, Rhode Island native Damien Pinheiro and old friend Philip Wright, who’s played for the Maineiacs in the past — were also in the mix. Pinheiro, though, left Thursday to protect his eligibility.

“With what we’re trying to do, it’s going to be harder for the older goalies to be here, but it’s a possibility if they give us a reason to keep them,” Lewiston GM Roger Shannon said. “We have a very talented group of goalies here, and it’s going to be a really, really tough decision.”

MacAdam said again Thursday that the team will likely only target two total goalies to begin the season, though he didn’t discount the possibility that the team may use more than two this season.

After playing for North Yarmouth Academy last season, Tyler Piercy is vying for a spot on the Maineiacs roster.

Jordan Kennedy is the Maineiacs top drafted goalie.

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