As far back as I can remember, I’ve always enjoyed going to Graziano’s Casa Mia, celebrating 40 years of business, in Lisbon. When I was younger, the sports memorabilia – nearly all boxing – that lined the walls was of particular interest, giving me something to focus on while waiting for my meal to be served, and the food was always delicious.

I took my sons there for lunch on a recent Friday, as this is one of their favorite restaurants. They enjoy looking at the photos as much as I once did, seemingly spotting one or two they didn’t see on previous visits. The mounted sets of boxing gloves are also a must-see.

Immediately, the aroma wafting around the restaurant welcomed us. The boys were already talking food on our way to a table. Shortly after we were seated, Sun Journal photographer Amber Waterman joined us. We perused the menu: Brayden, 13, and Riley, 10, quickly decided on pizza, while Amber and I took a bit longer to decide. Ultimately, she chose spaghetti puttanesca; I ordered ravioli parmigiana with an olive oil, garlic, mushroom and tomato sauce – something they made up special because of my allergy to onions.

Our order was ready in under 15 minutes, and after it posed for photos – an amusing sight to the other diners – we dug in. The boys devoured their pizzas. Their mouths full, there was no arguing, so I was happy. Riley had a basic cheese pizza or simpatico and Brayden had pepperoni. Amber enjoyed her puttanesca; I was envious because the sauce, complete with onions, looked incredible. My ravioli parmigiana was delicious, so the green monster disappeared quickly.

Amber and I couldn’t finish our meals, so we opted to bring the remaining portions home. The ravioli was just as good the second time, which I will confess was later that evening. The staff was friendly and we even got a table-side visit from Joe Graziano Jr.

Carrying on the traditions of patriarch Joe Graziano Sr., the family-owned restaurant continues to make authentic, homemade Italian dishes, as well as a number of other surf and turf offerings. They offer a children’s menu and family-style group meals, and when the need arises will stray from the menu to make their patrons happy.

Visit them at for directions, history and a full menu.

Tasty tidbits

What: Graziano’s Casa Mia

Where: Route 196, Lisbon, ME 353-4364/353-4335

When: Thursday, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Friday and Saturday, 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.; and Sunday 12 p.m. to8 p.m.

Why: Incredible Italian food that you honestly can’t get anywhere else.


Prices: Reasonable for lunch and dinner.

Visit for photos, hours, history and menu.

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