Did we forget who got us into this mess over the past eight years?

If you try real hard, you will come up with President George W. Bush and his cronies. It certainly was not President Obama. He is trying real hard to get this country back on track, and he’s only been in office a little over 8 months.

I would say to anyone that thinks he’s doing poorly, if you could do better, why don’t you try. Everyone, including the Republicans, should stand with him and get this country moving again. They will probably never get health care reform done as long as the health insurance companies keep up the bad TV ads and lobbying the Republicans. They don’t want health care reform, because it will dig right into their profits.

The Republicans have done nothing over the years for health care for the people; they don’t like Medicare and they would have liked to have privatized Social Security. And they listen too much to the lobbyists.

George and Joan Blaisdell, Sabattus

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