PARIS — Local author Patricia Gott has released her latest book, “Horse Tails by Mookie the Mustang,” her seventh book and second children’s horse story.

In “Horse Tails,” Mookie tells his story of growing up in the wild. He explains the hierarchy and etiquette within a horse family band and where he fits in as a foal, a yearling and a bachelor.

Mookie’s adventures include carefree romping with his friends, splashing in water holes, befriending a Bighorn lamb, startling a rattlesnake and encountering a mountain lion, as well as experiencing thirst, hunger and cold before being rounded up and adopted.
Every page is colorfully illustrated by Brenda Ellis Sauro, artist and owner of the Painted Mermaid Gallery in Paris.

Gott is an avid equestrienne and has ridden horseback in seven countries and throughout the western United States. She resides in Paris where she trains and trailrides her Arabian horses.

Gott’s previous books are “Horse Tails by Shasta;” the Cowgirl series, “So You Wanna be a Cowgirl” and “Cowgirl Days;” “Ancient Egypt and the Nile;” “Volunteer to Empower;” and her personal biography “Metamorphosis.” Her books are sold at local bookstores and online at or

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