If you’re a fan of the TLC show “Say Yes to the Dress,” you understand how much of a process locating, deciding upon and falling in love with a wedding gown can be.

Whether they’re driving the dress consultants from NYC’s Kleinfeld’s premier bridal salon crazy or getting their money’s worth from shop owners from other areas of the country, brides-to-be can sometimes transform into bridezillas when it comes to finding their dream gowns. Sometimes equipped with only a picture of the “it gown” from a magazine, some brides-to-be do not consider the other options out there, even if they may be more flattering to their figures or more in line with their budgets.
However, there are plenty of other well-informed brides who know that the key to looking beautiful on their wedding day is to take cues from styles that seem appealing in the magazines, while also exploring different options at the store. One just might find her dream gown is a style not previously considered, or features an applique that wasn’t in the original plan.

With this in mind, for brides-to-be doing their wedding gown research, it pays to be informed of the trends that are dominating this season. They just may be something to try when searching for the perfect gown.

• One-shouldered bodice: The strapless gown has dominated for several years now and has been a bridal favorite, particularly for those who marry in the warmer months. A twist on the strapless is a one-shouldered, asymmetrical gown. These types of gowns are sure to turn heads and add a sexy appeal to the wedding day.

• Subtle coloring: At one point in time it was trendy to have bold splashes of color on the gown, whether a bright red sash, or an embellished train. Today if you’re opting for some color on a wedding gown, choose a gown that itself is a variation from the stark white or eggshell colors. Warm, toasty colors, subtle gray, or even colored embroidery can add a touch of color without being too distracting.

• Crumb catcher bodice: These gowns feature an added ruffle of fabric at the bust to create a double-layered look. They provide an Old World flair for those looking to create a timeless, regal entrance at the wedding.

• Greek columns: Evoking the drama of a Greek goddess, these gowns are simplistic and beautiful in nature, featuring empire waists and the opportunities for delicately draped crepe fabric and other billowy materials.

• Minis: Mini-length dresses are a viable alternative for brides who are having a casual affair or feel their gown would be a hindrance in the surroundings. For example, many who are having a beachside wedding prefer a shorter length on the dress. They’re also perfect as a secondary dress that allows more movement when dancing and partying at the wedding reception.

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