ANDOVER — The Andover Historical Society’s 58th annual flower show winners in the following categories are announced:

Best of show: Debbie Averill.

Judges’ Award: Ellie LeComte. 

Town hall clock: first place, Ellie LeComte; second, Donna Morse; third, Marion Martin; honorable mention, Sue Mills.

Wooden container: first, Carolyn Taylor; second, Sue Mills; third, Marion Martin; honorable mention, Debbie Averill and Patty Flaherty.

Wild flowers: first, Jane Rich; second, Carolyn Taylor; third, Sabrina Kartz-Rossi.

Herbs and grasses: first, Ellie LeComte; second, Polly Johnston; third, Darlene Akers.

White flowers: first, Ellie LeComte; second, Sue Mills; third, Darlene Akers.

Round basket: first, Marion Martin; second, Barbara Stratton and Carolyn Taylor; third, Jane Rich.

Children: first, Shaylee Morton and Bridget Rowley.

Cup and saucer: first, Jane Rich and Marion Martin; second, Karen Swan; third, Polly Johnston.

Memory of someone special: first, Debbie Averill; second, Sue Mills; third, Minnie Akers; honorable mention, Katie Mills, Polly Johnston and Lisa Stratton.

Single specimens: first, Jane Rich; second, Joscelyn Hilton and Lisa Stratton; third, Dottie Mills.

House plants: first, Karen Swan; second, Ellie LeComte; third, Alys Parsons.

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