PARIS — The Special Olympic Team from the Progress Center brought home seven gold medals, six silver medals and four bronze medals from the recent summer games in Orono.

Gold medals were won by Bill Dixon and Rusty Perkins for the 25-meter walk, Don Dudley and Ethel Hutchins for the softball throw, Sarah Paladino and Floyd Parker for the 100-meter dash and Paladino also received a gold in the 50-meter dash.

Silver medalists included Bill Dixon and Nate Greenleaf for the softball throw, Don Dudley for the 100-meter dash, Tracey Raymond for the 50-meter dash, Sarah Paladino for the 100-meter walk and Seth Lord for the running long jump.

Bronze medals were won by Tracey Raymond, Nate Greenleaf and David Tew for the 100-meter dash and Rusty Perkins for the softball throw. Janice Norris placed fifth in the softball throw, fifth in the 100-meter walk and fifth in the 100-meter dash, while Philip Moore placed fifth in the 100-meter dash and seventh in the softball throw.

Lori Oliver is the head coach, assisted by Manda Payne, Mary Ackley, Ken Ruff and Phyllis Sheehan.

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