LEWISTON — Michael Dumas ended his mayoral campaign Tuesday afternoon.

“This city needs a leader,” Dumas wrote in an e-mailed news release. “We need a leader who will keep their head down and
their eyes on the prize. This city needs to unite under one person, so to help
achieve this end, and what do is best for the city, I announce that I am ending
my campaign and giving my full support to fellow candidate Mark Paradis.”

Dumas launched his campaign in July, the first to throw his hat in the ring. At 25, he would have tied former Mayor Robert L. Couturier as the youngest person to
hold that office. Couturier was mayor in 1965 and 1966.

So far, three other candidates are passing petitions for the mayor’s job. They are current Mayor Larry Gilbert, former City Councilor Paradis and Nick Knowlton, a local performer.

In his release, Dumas decryed unprofessional behavior in City Council meetings and said it would take years for Lewiston to recover from the last few years.

“With that being said, with four candidates for mayor, the likelihood increases
dramatically that we will elect someone who is more interested in being a
cheerleader from the sidelines, or worse, continue the totalitarian conduct of
the past three years,” he wrote.

Dumas promised to stay involved in council meetings and local government.

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