FARMINGTON — Reactions to a recent paranormal investigation in local cemeteries has caused town officials to request that members of Central Maine Paranormal Investigators not return for a second time Saturday.

Town Manager Richard Davis, who had originally granted approval for group members to walk the cemetery, said he has received some complaints from residents about the appropriateness of the activity after stories of the investigation ran in local papers.

“I felt I needed to listen to these folks too and asked the group not to return,” he said Tuesday. The group had planned a second investigation on Saturday, Sept. 4.

“We’re really disappointed as we had such good results and a lot of positive feedback, but we understand the town manager’s position,” Stacey Farrington, director of the Central Maine Paranormal Investigators said Tuesday. “We got a lot of phone calls even from family members with people buried there who were asking if we found anything to let them know. Now they are people we won’t be able to help.”

After speaking with Davis, she said the group realized it wasn’t so much about the group itself but some who felt activity in the cemetery was inappropriate.

“We understand that he has to take into consideration other people’s feelings,” she said.

The group has not had this response to performing investigations in other cemeteries.

“We’re sorry that people feel that way but it’s only done for research and education purposes,” she added.

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