Looking for a new kitchen, but can’t afford everything on your wish list? If your kitchen cabinets are looking dated and worn, consider refinishing or painting your existing cabinets. For a fraction of what it would cost to replace them, you can update your cabinets with a fresh finish or paint. The average cost of refinishing or repainting kitchen cabinets is about 15 to 20 percent of the replacement cost, leaving project dollars for additional projects such as new flooring, counter tops and appliances.

With a new finish and updated hardware, you can take your old and dated kitchen and bring new life to it. You can do it yourself or hire a professional with the experience and knowledge of all the new technology of today to help you realize your dream kitchen. Use top of the line finishes and paints when refinishing your cabinets to ensure they will stand the test of time in a busy kitchen. A professional can take you through the step by step process with samples and ideas that will help you achieve the results you want. Hiring a professional may shorten the length of the project and your kitchen may be completed and ready for use in about a week with little inconvenience to you.

This kitchen had custom solid cherry cabinets that the owners loved, but that were old and worn. The owners wanted an updated look, but replacing these cabinets would have cost substantially more than refinishing them. This project included removing the cabinet drawer fronts, doors and hardware. In the shop, the professionals stripped and sanded the cabinets to remove the outdated and worn white pickled finish. The cabinet frame work was stripped and sanded right in the kitchen.

The owners desired new hardware, so the old hardware holes were filled and new ones drilled to accommodate the new, updated hardware choice. A wonderful, warm cherry stain was chosen and then everything was sealed and finished. The work in the kitchen took less than three days in the home and the drawers and cabinets did not need to be emptied.  A dust free sanding system was used and other areas of the home were taped off to reduce the amount of mess and inconvenience to the homeowners. An added bonus to a refinishing project like this is that materials are re-used rather than hauled off to the landfill, making this a win-win for the homeowner and the environment.

For more information about furniture refinishing, contact Catherine at 782-7511 or visit Morin’s Fine Furniture and Refinishing, Auburn.

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