… John

Born in August of 1992, John is an outgoing teen who likes to be with people. He enjoys the outdoors and would like to live in the country. He says he would like to work in a grocery store, be a cook or work on cars. He enjoys listening to his IPod, reading and playing basketball, video games and role-playing games.

He is in a residential program and attends a day-treatment program for educational support. He enjoys school and receives one-on-one support at school to give him guidance and remind him of his personal boundaries. He has some reactive behaviors that require supervision.

In the past, John has enjoyed going to church and being involved in the youth group. He can be kind and considerate to others. He has issues with trusting that others are not going to hurt him and continues to need therapeutic intervention to help him process issues of boundaries and past trauma. It will be important for his family to be involved in therapy with him.

John needs a family without other children in the home and a strong support system. He requires a lot of supervision and help with life skills. He has siblings and would like to remain in contact with them. An adoption assistance may be available.

… Ashli and Grayhem

Ashli, the older sister, was born in October 1998. She enjoys going for walks, playing outdoors and swimming. She attends public school, is in the chorus and likes school in general. However, she is clear about her least favorite subject — math. Her favorite movie, “High School Musical,” reflects her interest in music; however, she also likes country music. She loves animals and would like to live in a family that has pets.

Grayhem, born in March 2000, is a boy who likes to be outdoors, riding motorcycles or four-wheelers, looking for bugs or walking on nature trails. Like his sister, he doesn’t like math, but says school is OK. Considering his interest in the outdoors, it’s no surpass that science is his favorite subject. He also would like a pet, especially a dog.

Ashli and Grayhem are in need of parents who are warm and reassuring, while establishing clear rules and boundaries.
John, Ashli & Grayhem are three of the 159 children currently in the Maine Department of Health & Human Service’s care who are seeking adoption. 114 of those children have been waiting for permanency for more than a year. There are 1,885 children in the state’s care and 1,272 licensed foster homes.

Based in Gardiner, A Family for ME is a nonprofit program that works in collaboration with Maine DHHS. For more information, call A Family for ME toll free at 1-877-505-0545 or visit www.AFamilyForMe.org and view the Heart Gallery of photographs, taken by Chuck Pelletier Images of Lewiston, of some of the many children awaiting adoption.

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