Hypocrisy screams loudly from the anti-gay marriage letter by preacher Keith Hamel on Oct. 9.

Like so many other “religious” people before him, he tries to use the teachings of his own faith to “prove” that we must all act a certain way. Well, let me enlighten. It’s not logical to use personal beliefs as evidence to convince others who don’t share them!

Hamel states, “Christianity is a choice.” So, one can choose to live by the judgmental values of Hamel’s letter, but the government gives everyone the right to their views on spirituality (even if the founding fathers were primarily Christian, which is doubtful).We wisely do not use religious belief as a basis for our laws.

Mr. Hamel should look around. There are gay, lesbian and transgender citizens in every crowd, every restaurant, every classroom. He may not recognize them because, contrary to his fears, they work, they vote, they volunteer, they raise their children with love, they attend church, and their sexuality is only one part of their lives. They want to live their own dreams, not threaten his.

Like it or not, marriage has as much legal meaning as religious meaning. It’s time to embrace our neighbors, as Jesus would have done, and give full rights and recognition to same-sex couples. God bless America, he says? I say God bless everyone.

Vote “No to bigotry” on Question 1 in November.

Kathleen Coriell, Durham

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