MONMOUTH — Brian Levesque isn’t walking around the fire station wearing a superhero cape just yet. The Monmouth firefighter has been humble even as the accolades keep coming.

The lieutenant was most recently lauded by the state Legislature for his actions that helped save a pair of men trapped in a truck last August in an Annabessacook Lake tributary.

Both men survived the ordeal. Levesque, a 15-year veteran of the Fire Department, has been recognized for heroism by both town and state officials.

“He’s said that he sees it as an accomplishment for the whole department,” Monmouth fire Chief Andre Poulin said.

On Aug. 28, Levesque was the first on the scene after a septic truck skidded off the Waugan Road bridge and into the water. Randall Black, the driver, and Andrew St. Laurent were trapped inside the submerged truck. Black was in a particularly perilous situation after becoming pinned between the roof of the truck and a guardrail. St. Laurent became pinned as well after trying to escape the truck through a rear window.

“It was quite intense for a while,” Poulin said, “especially with the victims submerged and needing to be extricated.”

Levesque climbed onto the cab of the truck and began a rescue that would ultimately involve Monmouth fire, police and rescue as well as crews from Winthrop.

In September, the victims of the crash joined town leaders and fire officials who awarded Levesque a letter of commendation at a selectmen’s meeting.

“He talked to Randy and myself with compassion,” St. Laurent said at that gathering.

More recently, it was Rep. Nancy Smith, a Monmouth Democrat, who honored Levesque, presenting a legislative sentiment during the Monmouth Fire Department’s regular monthly meeting.

Levesque could not be reached for comment Friday night.

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