Amelia M. Waliski

1910 – 2009

NORTH MONMOUTH — Amelia M. Waliski, 99, died early Wednesday morning, Nov. 18, at her residence in North Monmouth.

She was born in North Monmouth on Aug. 17, 1910, the daughter of Konstanty and Elizabeth (Luski) Waliski.

She was not only born in North Monmouth and educated in Monmouth schools, but it is also where she chose to live her entire life. Remarkably, she was the oldest citizen in town before she passed and thus was the recipient of the Boston Cane.

At a young age she became the caretaker of the family, first for her sister with Down’s syndrome, and later for others in her family, during a life which spanned nearly a century.

Amelia loved the United States. Her parents emigrated here from Poland, which was in large part the why she appreciated, and was very proud of, her life as an American citizen.

She is survived by a cousin, Pauline McDougal, of North Monmouth.

She was predeceased by her brother, Tadeus “Ted” Waliski, and her two sisters, Lena Waliski and Helen Garneau.

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