WILTON — Selectmen opted to not accept a gift of property on Sunset Avenue by a vote of 3-2 on Tuesday.

David Friedman offered the lot, assessed at $41,000, to the town. Taxes on the property were partially paid in 2005 but nothing else has been paid since, Town Manager Rhonda Irish told the board. Taxes due on the property have accumulated to about $2,100.

Although a town pump station is located on the vacant lot, it’s questionable whether anyone could build on the property, Code Enforcement Officer Paul Montague said.

Some selectmen questioned whether the owner could take a tax credit for the gift to the town.

Notices of overdue taxes from 2007 will be sent out in February, giving property owners 45 days to pay before the town puts a lien on the property, Irish said.

She intends to contact the owner to discuss his intentions, she said Wednesday.

The board also abated taxes on four properties whose taxes were considered noncollectable and accepted a half-acre triangular lot on Route 2 near Fernwold Apartments for lack of tax payments. The board agreed to sell the property by bid.

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