OTISFIELD — A resident of Route 121 discovered last week that someone had stolen an essential piece of his vehicle.

Cpl. Brian Landis of the Oxford County Sheriff’s Office said Dan Kospura reported on Dec. 3 that the drive shaft of his 2002 Ford F-150 pickup truck had been stolen. Landis said the theft may have gone unnoticed for a couple of days, as Kospura had not driven the vehicle for that period.

“It’s really not that hard to remove,” Landis said. “It’s an expensive part, and I would assume someone needed it for their vehicle.”

Landis said the drive shaft would cost about $1,700 to replace, and the theft could constitute a felony. He said the removal of vehicle parts has not been a major issue lately, but that there used to be widespread thefts of catalytic converters.

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