I just read “Climate change: Stolen e-mails spur on skeptics” in the Dec. 11 Sun Journal.

Have you read the e-mails that were written by the top United Nations scientists from the University of East Anglia? These scientists have not denied that they wrote those e-mails. Phil Jones, the head scientist, has stepped down.

Do you understand that, as you have described them in that news article as “some of the world’s leading scientists,” these very scientists have been exposed as intentionally manipulating temperature data, from around the world, to reflect temperature increases when, in fact, their e-mails reveal that we have been in a cooling trend for the past nine years?

Can you make the connection between the UN-climate scientists’ false temperature data and the political agenda at the “global warming” treaty going on now in Copenhagen?

Do you know that in the climate treaty is contained a description of a world government and a world army, funded by the carbon tax?

I have lost all trust in mainstream media. The obvious bias against the climate “skeptics” expressed in The Associated Press article, and the biased support for “the world’s leading scientists” — who have committed fraud of unimaginable magnitude — is, in itself, a crime.

Valerie Murphy Greene, Turner

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