Charles Gustin was a kind, visionary gentleman who anticipated the need of a place for the development of the young men who were to become the future leaders. He showed this by giving a tract of secluded land at Loon Pond in Sabattus for the use of Boy Scouts.

It is a bit of wilderness within 15 miles of many area Scouts.

Camp Gustin is unique in its simplicity, and a place to enjoy the outdoors, as well as learn conservation of woods and forest.

So, what now?

The Scout leadership in Portland has the inane audacity to even think of selling this generous gift for money. The money would be used — spent and gone — perhaps even squandered, and Camp Gustin would be no more.

Let us remember that Camp Gustin had nothing to do with the large debt engendered by the administration of the Pinetree Council in Portland.

Let us also hope that forward-thinking people will put an end to the potential betrayal of Camp Gustin.

Camille Gardner, Lewiston

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