RUMFORD — Pending a decision of selectmen at their 7 p.m. meeting on Thursday, Dec. 17, in the Rumford Falls Auditorium, hawkers and peddlers could see a $75 hike in fees, and those seeking liquor license renewals could pay $78 more annually.

The hawking-and-peddling fee revision is one of 10 proposed changes in the Rumford’s Schedule of License, Permit, Application, and Other Fees.

Currently, hawkers and peddlers, who are only allowed to set up shop at the Information Center, pay $25 a year, whereas other towns charge up to $500 annually, according to a Dec. 15 fee change explanation document.

In the past, most of these vendors would only set up once a week through the summer and occasionally through the night for a few days, but there is one vendor now operating daily.

Concerns have been raised at previous selectmen’s meetings that such vendors should pay more in upfront fees, because it is believed they compete directly with businesses that pay taxes in town.

Liquor license application fees are proposed to rise to $100 from the current $22-per-year fee to cover processing costs.

Other proposed fee increases if approved will charge:

• $20 instead of $10 for a snowplowing permit.

• $50 instead of $25 for taxi cabs.

• $20 instead of $10 for special amusement permits.

• A new $10 application fee for building codes and land use, excepting major floodplain.

• $20 instead of $10 for a victualer’s license.

• $26 instead of $14 to advertise in the weekly newspaper.

• $50 instead of $47 for a junkyard permit.

• A $400 deposit instead of a $200 deposit for snow picked up by the town.

Current thinking behind the snow removal fee increase is that the hike would better encourage people using town services to clean up the area that the town has had to clean up, rather than lose their $400 deposit.

Many of the other proposed fee hikes are to cover the costs of processing applications.

Among about 20 other agenda items are:

• A discussion to remove the beaver dam near Holyoke Avenue after two beavers were trapped and removed earlier this month.

• A request from the Rumford Performing Arts Committee to solicit funds to buy audio equipment for the Rumford Falls Auditorium.

• A sidewalk snowblower policy.

• Appointing someone to fill Jeff Sterling’s remaining term on the Regional School Unit 10 Board of Directors. Sterling resigned this month after being appointed to a six-month term on the Board of Selectmen. As of Dec. 11, former SAD 43 board member Linda S. Westleigh has applied for the position.

• Accepting the resignation of Deborah Gorham from the Northern Oxford Regional Solid Waste Board. Gorham resigned effective Dec. 11, because she is moving from Rumford to Weld, and can no longer serve on the board.

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