My gripes:

• Drivers who put on their turning signal as they are turning.

• I have to clean up dog poop from my lawn. I don’t have a dog.

• Weather people on TV who stand in front of the long-range forecast.

• People who spit on the ground, sidewalks and parking lots.

• Sports instead of the evening news and regular programs on the weekends.

• Everyone does not have a computer, including me.

— Anonymous

My gripe is places that don’t make it any easier for the disabled and elderly. Big heavy doors no one opens for those using walkers. Stores with no benches to take a break, no wheelchairs for people with feet/leg problems. I don’t mean those go-carts people don’t use correctly. Their elderly patronage should be valued and shown respect.

Our day is coming!

— Anonymous

My gripe is about a certain “eye care” facility in Lewiston. It is not unusual to wait 1 to 3 hours for your name to be called. My friend works there and told me that 4 to 5 people are scheduled for the same time. However, if you dare show up five minutes late, they will reschedule you.

— Anonymous

I’m swatting mosquitoes in December that now carry tropical diseases like Equine Encephalitis and West Nile Fever, yet we’re still listening to bozos tell us that Global Warming is a hoax. 

— Tom

Is there something that really irks you? Something about your job, your family or the stuff you have to deal with every day? Share it. E-mail your peeves to [email protected] or mail them to Sun Journal, attn: b section, P.O. Box 4400, Lewiston, ME 04240, and we’ll print them here. Please keep your gripe to under 60 words.

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