In terms of fashion, we’ve come — and gone — a long way in 10 years. Of course, lots of our fashion looks were resurrected from decades’ past, but the first decade of the millennium likely will be remembered for a few certain unfortunate looks.

Let’s start this recap of the decade’s fashions with the most infamous fashion item of the past 10 years: Crocs.

I’ve run out of words to malign this particular piece of footwear most notable for being dishwasher safe and its unique unattractiveness.

And so … the best and worst of the decade, in no particular order.

• Flyaway dress. Known by many names, this unstructured sack of a dress (reminiscent of baby doll frocks) was flouncing down runways and supermarket aisles for the middle part of the decade. And maybe it was an homage to Catholic school girl modesty that also ushered in a period of wearing pants under dresses.

• Poncho. I’ve tried to forget, but we all remember Martha Stewart’s infamous prison poncho and the mini-craze that ensued.

• Gladiator shoe. The Greco-Roman footwear came back with a vengeance, and it was more fierce than ever with studs and buckles and towering 5-inch heels.

• Sexed-up Velour tracksuits. Suburban moms united and adopted a uniform of comfort that still made them feel like a woman. I blame Madonna for making this look cool. The results I saw shopping for produce at the supermarket were not.

• Shapewear. We ditched the mainstream corsets long ago, but thanks to form-fitting clothes and a nation that’s steadily gaining girth, shapewear that trimmed the waist, hips and thighs and butts of men and women were among the most successful clothing introductions of the decade. Thanks, Spanx.

• Butt slogans. The most egregious and distressing trend of the decade for me was seeing girls as young as elementary school and as old as cougar walking around in fitted exercise apparel — or worse, pajamas — in public and you see that they have something written large and bold across their butt cheeks. Tres tacky.

• Oversized purses. Handbags exploded into the most glorious, ridiculously elaborate contraptions designed for everyday wear. Chiropractors everywhere rejoiced.

• Ugg boots. Some Hollywood stylist thought it was a good idea to pair these cold-weather genuine sheepskin booties with a mini-skirt, and a disturbing inconsistency was born.

• Trucker hats. This flash was all to do with Ashton Kutcher, and we’re glad it’s a footnote.

• Graphic tees. For some reason, a men’s T-shirt designer thought it was really hip to see how many symbols they could put onto one shirt. Crosses, skulls, thorns, roses, eagles and words like, “love kills” were really popular. We have another word, “overkill.” Sorry, Ed Hardy.

• Belts-a-rama. Wide, skinny, medium waist jewelry layered over button-down shirts, jackets, coats and sweaters. Michelle Obama has become the poster girl for this look.

• Shootie. Our love of high-heeled shoes and our love of boots are at last married into a single footwear item. The shoe boot now exists in many glorious incarnations, including open-toed, caged and buckled. The spectacle of the shootie with a cocktail dress or a flirty skirt is a thing of beauty.

Lastly, denim deserves its own category because this decade denim transcended all socioeconomic levels and became the most pivotal and beloved fashion element of the generation.

• Premium denim. This was the era when people didn’t bat an eye at $200 jeans, which meant that jeans gained a new acceptance worn with tuxedo jackets, party tops or sequined blazers.

• Destroyed denim. This is destined to be short-lived, but people snapping up denim that looked like someone dipped it in battery acid and ran it over with a car was a curious phenomenon.

• Low-rise jeans. The main culprit in the rise of the muffin-top (soft waist tissue spilling up and over the top of your pants) and the whale-tail (the unfortunate flash of a thong above the pants horizon).

• Skinny jean. We’ve seen slim-fitting pants before, but the new skinny jean was notable for the extra long inseam, the better for scrunching at the ankle. It was also best when skin tight and designed with the narrowest of holes at the ankle. It didn’t seem to matter that it took 10 minutes to get the darn things on.

• Jeggings. This is a combination of jeans and leggings. They are glorified tights that have fake seams and pockets drawn onto them so that there is actually less material between you and the world. We can only guess that they came about because skinny jeans just weren’t skinny enough.

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