GARDINER — There are upcoming deadlines for the next round of three Maine Technology Institute programs that fund innovative, technology-based projects that lead to commercialization.

Seed grants, development awards and cluster initiative program award funding are available and MTI encourages technology start-ups, existing businesses and organizations working to further technology innovation in Maine to apply.

The application deadline for the next round of development award financing requests is Feb. 9. Development awards are zero percent and low-interest loans of up to $500,000 that are offered three times a year on a competitive basis to cost-share product and process development, commercialization, technology transfer and technology-business planning. Each award requires a 1:1 dollar match consisting of actual cash, salaries, staff time or equipment and in-kind contributions directly attributable to the proposed project.

The deadline for the next round of seed grant applications is Feb. 11. Seed grants of up to $12,500 are offered on a competitive basis six times per year to support early activities for product development, commercialization or business planning. The awards require a 1:1 match of funds, staff time, equipment or other resources. A company can be awarded up to a total of $25,000 in seed grants for a specific technology.

The deadline for the next round of cluster initiative program applications is March 18. The cluster initiative program provides funding for feasibility and planning initiatives and multi-year collaborative projects that seek to strategically advance the competitiveness of Maine’s high-potential technology clusters. Applications for rolling program awards, up to $50,000, can be submitted at any time, while major awards of up to $500,000 are available twice per year through an application and competitive review process. Each award requires a 1:1 dollar match consisting of cash, salaries, staff time or equipment and in-kind contributions directly attributable to the proposed project.

MTI will present workshops for cluster initiative program awards on Jan. 13 in Orono and Jan. 14 in Westbrook. Attendees will be introduced to concepts and practices for successfully improving clusters and what is involved in preparing a competitive CIP award application, including advice about making an application clear, focused, complete and compelling.

To register and learn more about the workshops, contact Patti Sutter: 582-4790, ext. 211, or by e-mail: [email protected]

MTI is a publicly financed, private, nonprofit organization created by the Maine Legislature in 1999 to stimulate research and development activity leading to the commercialization of new products, processes and services in the state’s seven technology-intensive sectors. Programs are designed to enhance the competitive position of those sectors and increase the likelihood that one or more of the sectors will support clusters of industrial activity and create quality jobs across Maine. For more information about MTI, visit:

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