LEWISTON — Androscoggin Home Care and Hospice presented six individuals with Employee of the Year awards at the agency’s annual holiday party.

At the end of each year, AHCH recognizes and honors employees who have made outstanding contributions to the agency throughout the year. The recipients were nominated by their peers for exemplifying the agency’s mission, vision and values.

The 2009 award recipients are:

Tammy Ferland, RN, an intake nurse in the Lewiston office. She is a dedicated employee and team player who can always be counted on to help others. As an intake nurse, she is willing to take a difficult phone call and go the extra mile to advocate for the patient or if need be, for the agency. Ferland demonstrates compassion for the patient and all the issues they may be dealing with. She does an excellent job building and maintaining a strong rapport with our referral sources.

Michelle Stebbins, RN, staff development educator in the Lewiston office. She is dedicated to the needs of staff and to the agency. In this past year, she has been responsible for many large projects and does it all while maintaining a sense of humor. Stebbins is there for others, when someone is struggling or just needs a positive pat on the back.

Trudy Newton, RN, a hospice nurse in the Lewiston office. She is an excellent role model of professionalism and caring. Newton maintains high ethical and moral standards. Her patients feel her compassion in the kindness and consideration she shows to them. She is a great teammate and an outstanding hospice nurse.

Kim Davis, a team assistant in the Lewiston office. She has contributed greatly to each department she has worked in, always providing top quality work with efficiency and thoroughness. Davis has helped us find ways that we can do things easier, quicker and more cost effectively. She has been responsive to the needs of the agency and those she works with.

Esther Proctor, a clinical supervisor in the Bridgton and Lewiston offices. She is a great leader, role model, team player and patient advocate who maintains high standards of care and leadership. Proctor is known to be fun, professional, reasonable and trustworthy as well as approachable and fair with staff. On Dec. 11, Esther celebrated 20 years with the agency.

Carol Ann Beisman, RN, a Hospice House nurse. She is known for putting patients first and making her hospice aides feel respected. She is a good teacher, always willing to go the extra mile in explaining things, thanking others and offering a compliment for a job well done. Beisman is compassionate and takes the time to hear what patients and family members are saying; always ensures that they have quality time together; and supports the dignity of all.

“Our employees are the heart and soul of this agency. Their professionalism, knowledge, compassion and sincerity toward their patients are qualities admired by all. It is difficult to choose only six to be awarded, but this year’s recipients are more than worthy of this honor. Every member of the AHCH team plays an invaluable role in the success of this agency,” said Julie Shackley, AHCH president/CEO.

More information about AHCH can be found at the agency’s Web site, www.ahch.org.

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