BUCKFIELD — Representatives from Buckfield, Hartford and Sumner schools got some good news Tuesday night: The carryover from school funds for the defunct SAD 39 will be greater than expected.

Tom Ward, superintendent for RSU 10, told the town officials the actual amount of carryover for SAD 39 was $1,059,246. The individual towns and carryovers were: Buckfield, $434,054; Hartford, $393,355; and Sumner, $231,836.

But Ward added that the shortfall from the state meant that the district would be operating at 1.4 percent below budget this year and 2.7 percent for the year 2010-11.

He said the stimulus money that was received from the state was used to continue programs and make major repairs in the schools, but the stimulus money would be depleted by 2012.

“It would be best for RSU 10 if the towns were to spread out using the money over three years and let RSU 10 pay interest at 1.5 percent on the remaining money,” Ward said.

The amount of actual carryover per year over three years for Buckfield would be $144,684, Hartford, $131,118 and Sumner, $77,278.

Ward said they couldn’t give towns back the money but it would be used to reduce their school costs over the three years.

“We are trying to hold the line on the budget, but Rumford’s valuation went down and that will affect the other towns in the district, but we don’t know how much,” Ward said.

Mark Silber, selectman from Sumner, asked why not put the money in a certificate of deposit. Ward replied that they needed working capital.

President of RSU 10 school board Jerry Wiley said everyone is in the same boat with the economy and they seem to understand. Most towns are going with the suggestion of three years to take credit for the funds.

“The last thing we want to do is cut programs because that equates to cutting positions,” Ward said.

Ward said that the key is providing the same services for all the town schools. He also said he was very happy with the progress of RSU 10 and that all staff involved seemed to be working together very well.

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