Bliss Thru Shopping was late to Twitter by most standards.

Our initial reaction could best be described using “meh,” “newfangled” and “whatever,” even though that makes us sound like petulant 60-year-olds.

Thankfully, we’ve come around to tweeting, tweeple and the whole twebang. Since March 4, Shopping Siren and I have managed to send out 130-plus tweets and attract 280ish followers, many of whom are not prostitutes and gigolos. But over-sharing and collecting sexbots is not where the real fun of Twitter lies. No. It is, of course, seeing what your pals are up to.

And keeping tabs on shopping bargains.

The latter is why Bag Lady was psyched to discover Mardensinc on Twitter last week. It’s already a new favorite. The amazing randomness of Marden’s deals, 140 characters at a time, without leaving your desk!

A few mostly Maine-centric handles that might be worth following:

Handle: Mardensinc

Recent tweet: “Madawaska just received a pallet of instruments — some new some used-trumpets, saxophones, trombones, clarinets, and … “

The heads-ups feel like they’re in real time and they’re store specific. Lewiston has a batch of men’s DeWalt boots. Brewer’s getting exercise equipment and books. Fabric for all, coming soon.

Handle: LLBean_PR

Recent tweet: “L.L.Bean Signature website pre-launch starts today! Sign up for email, catalog & early items :)”

I clicked on the accompanying link; a red buoy-print wrap dress in the line has some promise. Can’t count the times I’ve approached the closet and cried out, “I need more buoy in my wardrobe! And make that chocolate martini a double!”

I know. I get so surly sometimes.

LLBean_PR also offers heads-ups on deals like free shipping dates and seems to respond to a steady stream of I-love-you-L.L. Bean tweets. And no, we’re not suggesting they’re mostly sent by members of LLBean_PR’s extended family. Yet.

Handle: MaineMaven

Recent tweet: “We’re giving away an adorable tote from Annie|Catherine’s new line. Click for details”

The Maven, Kristen Andresen, keeps up a Web site with giveaways, new product and shopping observances written with a high dose of spunk and elan. Her “Maine to-do list” last week included eating at Fuel on Lisbon Street. Spunky and occasionally local — love it!

Handle: Shopping

Recent tweet: “Good Morning America study finds new clothes aren’t as clean as you’d think — contain norovirus, MRSA, feces.”

Of course, you’re distracted by the feces. Who wouldn’t be? But know also that Shopping provides a stream of discount coupon codes and interesting industry news, like New York & Company opening new outlets and Macy’s closing stores. Get the dirt or, er, whatever, before anyone else.

Handle: CommnSenseMoney

Recent tweet: “Borders: $10 off $30 Coupon Plus Clearance Deals”

She’s got a blog — Common Sense With Money — and appears to be the queen of the printable online coupon, random offers like 50 cents off a box of Chocolate Cheerios.

And, Chocolate Cheerios? Have I been living under a rock?

Handle: MainelyMara

Recent tweet: “Coming Soon! Your destination for the most exclusive style, beauty and wellness deals in town.”

No deals to see or partake in yet, but she’s piqued our interest. Thankfully, there’s no limit to the number of tweeps you can follow.

The first retail miracle of 2010

Remember back a mere three weeks ago when Bag Lady swore off buying Mr. Bag Lady another belt for the next 12 months because, somehow, the belts she picked out were not good enough and were ultimately banished, unworn, to a drawer already full with over $50 worth of belts that probably mingle and bemoan their unwanted fate all day long?


You’ll never guess what I saw this week: A leather Van Heusen belt picked up eons ago casually tossed near some of his clothes. I haven’t acknowledged Mr. Bag Lady’s apparently freeing it from the belt drawer; but then, I didn’t tell him about the previous swearing-off, either. My new role is silent observer.

It’s basically a National Geographic study of man and belt unfolding in the Bag house.

Bag Lady’s true identity is protected by a pair of stylish, sweater-wearing Doberman pinschers (one of whom has now recovered from last week’s dual surgeries and doesn’t mind going outdoors with a shaved belly in the middle of winter. What a good dog.) and the Customer Service counter at the Sun Journal. You can reach her at [email protected]

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