The bullets below are all based on an average using 2006 to 2008 data

* 351,100 volunteers
* 32.8% of residents volunteer – ranking them 15th among the 50 states and Washington, DC
* 48.5 million hours of service
* 45.3 hours per resident – ranking them 7th among the 50 states and Washington, DC
* $981.7 million of service contributed

Trends based on single year data (2008):

* Even with the economic crisis, the national volunteer rate remained relatively constant, from 26.2% in 2007 to 26.4% in 2008. In 2008, 61.8 million volunteers donated approximately 8 billion hours of service in communities across the country.
* 31.8% of adults volunteered in Maine in 2008, contributing 51.3 million hours of service.
* In addition to the 339.6 thousand adults in Maine volunteering in 2008, an extra 38,418 individuals worked with their neighbors to fix a problem or improve a condition in their community but did not serve through an organization.

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Meeting community needs in Maine. More than 9,200 people of all ages and backgrounds are helping to
meet local needs, strengthen communities, and increase civic engagement through 28 national service projects across Maine. Serving with national and local nonprofits, schools, faith-based organizations and other groups, these citizens tutor and mentor children, coordinate after-school programs, build homes, conduct neighborhood patrols, restore the environment, respond to disasters, build nonprofit capacity and recruit and manage volunteers. This year, the Corporation for National and Community Service will commit more than $5,900,000 to support Maine communities through three national service initiatives:
Senior Corps: More than 2,400 seniors in Maine contribute their time and talents in one of three Senior Corps programs. Foster Grandparents serve one-on-one as tutors and mentors to more than 2,300 young people who have special needs. Senior Companions help more than 660 homebound seniors and other adults maintain independence in their own homes. RSVP volunteers conduct safety patrols for local police departments, protect the environment, tutor and mentor youth, respond to natural disasters, and provide other services through more than 510 groups across Maine.
AmeriCorps: This year AmeriCorps will provide more than 280 individuals the opportunity to
provide intensive, results-driven service to meet education, environmental, public safety and other
pressing needs in communities across Maine. Roughly three-quarters of all AmeriCorps grant funding
goes to the Governor-appointed Maine Commission for Community Service, which in turn awards grants
to nonprofit groups to respond to local needs. Most of the remainder of the grant funding is distributed
by the Corporation directly to multi-state and national organizations through a competitive grants
process. Other individuals will serve through AmeriCorps*VISTA, whose members help bring
individuals and communities out of poverty by serving full-time to fight illiteracy, improve health services,
create businesses and increase housing opportunities, and AmeriCorps*NCCC (National Civilian
Community Corps), a 10-month, full time residential program for men and women between the ages of
18 and 24. In exchange for their service, AmeriCorps members earn an education award of up to
$4,725 that can be used to pay for college or to pay back qualified student loans. Since 1994, more than
3,500 Maine residents have qualified for Segal AmeriCorps Education Awards totaling more than
Learn and Serve America: Learn and Serve America provides grants to schools, colleges,
and nonprofit groups to engage more than 6,400 Maine students in community service linked to
academic achievement and the development of civic skills. This type of learning, called service-learning,
improves communities while preparing young people for a lifetime of responsible citizenship. Learn and
Serve America also provides curricula and other resources to teachers, faculty members, schools, and
community groups.
The Corporation for National and Community Service improves lives, strengthens communitites, and fosters civic
engagement through service and volunteering. Each year the Corporation engages more than four million Americans in
service to meet local needs through Senior Corps, AmeriCorps, and Learn and Serve America. To learn visit (Information on the 2008 – 2009 program year current as of March 4, 2009.)

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