PARIS — Police arrested a man and a woman on Saturday afternoon after they were tipped off that the pair might be involved in drug trafficking.

Toby Alan Boutilier, 33, and Betty Lou Buck, 27, both of Western Avenue in Paris, were each charged with one count of unlawful trafficking in Percocet, a prescription painkiller. According to a statement from the Maine Department of Public Safety, the Paris Police Department and Maine Drug Enforcement Agency made the arrests after receiving a tip accusing Buck of picking up her mother’s prescription and intending to sell it.

Officers observed Boutilier and Buck pick up a prescription at the drive-thru of the Walgreen’s pharmacy in Norway before meeting with 27-year-old Charles Smallwood of Norway as he was riding a bicycle. Smallwood admitted to police that he had purchased 33 Percocet pills for $400.

Boutilier and Buck’s vehicle was pulled over shortly after, and $400 was found on Boutilier and a third passenger. Police also discovered 24 Percocet pills hidden in Buck’s clothing.

Boutilier remained at the Oxford County Jail on Monday afternoon, and an official there said Buck was expected to make her bail. Smallwood was also arrested on outstanding warrants from the South Paris District Court charging failure to appear in court on charges of forgery and criminal mischief. He was released on Monday morning.

Boutilier pleaded guilty in March of 2009 to a charge of robbery. In that case, he was accused of demanding OxyContin painkillers from a clerk at the Rite-Aid in Paris. He was sentenced to serve nine months of a three-year prison sentence with three years of probation.

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