Well, it finally happened. I like Mark LaFlamme’s writing. I really do, though I’ve often thought, “I wonder if I’ll still like him when he writes about me or something I do?”

I’m the guy who markets “Relaxed Dentistry” (glad to know it’s everywhere you look) that LaFlamme finds hard to believe is possible (“Talk of the Town,” Jan. 31). Hey, he has been tasered, but afraid to try dental treatment that actually might allow him to appreciate getting healthy? (We haven’t “ripped out” anything in years!)

It’s easy to joke about dentistry. Humor helps overcome anxiety. But there are a lot of people out there who are literally risking their lives (yeah, really) by not treating their dental needs because of fear. We’re just doing our part to try to help.

So, OK, I still like LaFlamme and his writing. But leave me alone, wouldja? He just sent dentistry back 50 years.

Robert D. Limoges, DMD, Auburn

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