MEXICO — Police received reports Monday from three residents of probable scams involving older people in the community.

Sgt. Roy Hodsdon said a phone call and two letters asking people to send money because they had won lotteries or were asked to cash fraudulent checks then send back half the money, were reported.

“We want people to know that these things are probably scams. No one will ask for money (to get money),” he said.

He warned residents to never provide credit card or bank account numbers, and to contact police or the Better Business Bureau if an offer is questionable.

He said the Police Department received two other reports of similar offers last week. All contacts came from different companies.

Another popular scam, he said, involves people identifying themselves as police officers who are raising money.

“Police cannot solicit money,” Hodsdon said.

People should contact the Police Department at 364-5686 if they are:

• Contacted by someone identifying himself/herself as a police officer asking for money.

• Contaced by a company asking for money so they can receive money.

• Contacted by an unknown company asking for credit card or bank numbers.

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