Peter Wigley was a friend and mentor. I shall never know how to
repay him for that privilege. I struggle to write the right words of
praise that he earned without desire for.

I am certain that I shall not know another such as he.

I remained struck with silence and disbelief that someone so dedicated and such an advocate for the children and families of Maine had died at such a young age. A flood of thoughts, yet no words.

I am hopeful he will be remembered and stories retold of him and his life.

Perhaps to ourselves or those close to him, we remember the many achievements and his unique advocacy for large or small cause; his tenacity to challenge himself and others to be better.

We remember the friend and listener he was.

It seems unfair that he had just retired to further his love of reading, music and the many little profundities and quirks of life.

Robert Starratt, Lewiston

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