Signs were posted along Western Avenue in Paris regarding Friday’s recall election for two selectmen. Chairman Raymond Glover was not recalled by voters, but Troy Ripley, who resigned last week, was voted out of office.

PARIS — A longstanding member of the Board of Selectmen will remain in office after a recall effort failed to oust him Friday.

A small group of residents cheered as Deputy Treasurer Sharon Gendreau read the results of the election to determine whether Selectman Raymond Glover would be recalled: 578 against, 155 for.

Voters decided to remove Troy Ripley in absentia in a 628-102 decision. Ripley announced his resignation from the board on Jan. 25, but his name remained in the recall ballot because the town had printed up forms for the two elections and had been accepting absentee ballots.

“I’m very happy that there was a significant turnout, that both
elections had a good turnout, and that it was decisive in all the
elections,” Glover said. “So that there’s no question as to what the will of the people was.”

Ripley was unavailable for comment Friday night.

The recall election was the second one this week. On Monday,
residents approved the recall of Chairman David Ivey in a 651-69 vote and opposed the recall of Lloyd “Skip” Herrick in a 600-116 vote.

The third member of the board is Glen Young, who is on vacation this month.

Glover said that on Monday, Feb. 8, the board will schedule a special town meeting within 30 days to fill Ripley’s seat. He said a minority board is allowed to call such a meeting.

He said Ivey’s seat is likely to remain empty until the June election.

“My thinking is I wouldn’t want somebody to run for his unexpired term for three months in office and have to turn around and run again,” Glover said.

Ivey was elected in 2007, Herrick was elected in 2008, and Ripley in June. Glover has been on the board since 1993.

The election results shield Glover and Herrick from any further recall attempts for another six months. Both selectmen’s terms are scheduled to run until 2011.

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