We should have seen it coming.

Only months after going to prison for killing two people with his speedboat, boozing boater Robert LaPointe is already trying to shave time off his sentence.

The Massachusetts man applied for a program that would allow him to get a job and live at his second home in Bridgton under supervision to fulfill part of his prison sentence, according to a story in the Portland Press Herald.

LaPointe, 40, was sentenced to more than three years in prison for the August 2007 boat crash that killed Terry Raye Trott, 55, of Harrison and Suzanne Groetzinger, 44, of Berwick. The couple was out stargazing when LaPointe’s powerful cigarette-style boat roared over them going at least 45 mph.

Unfortunately, the jury only convicted LaPointe on two counts of aggravated operating under the influence rather than the seemingly more appropriate charge of manslaughter.

At his sentencing, Justice Robert Crowley denounced LaPointe for showing no remorse, lying on the witness stand and blaming the victims. After the accident, LaPointe tried to get a nurse to substitute her own blood for his to hide his guilt.

The test ultimately showed that he was drunk even three hours after the crash.

The trial revealed that LaPointe had 23 speeding violations, five stop-sign or red-light violations, 12 license suspensions and nine other moving violations of various types.

LaPointe shouldn’t have been operating a row boat let alone a 32-foot racing craft with twin 400-horsepower engines, appropriately named “No Patience.”

Cumberland County District Attorney Stephanie Anderson said it best last week:

“On a scale of one to 10, with one being in favor of this idea (release) and 10 being ‘over my dead body, ‘ I’m an 11.”

Given his reckless and defiant personality, we doubt 15 months in prison has been long enough to change this man’s behavior or attitude.

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