It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow!

I know you knew that.

Because you have a romantic dinner all planned. With candles, right? And rose petals scattered delicately around the room. And fresh strawberries covered in dark chocolate. You have your sweetheart’s gift all wrapped, ready for the big after-dinner reveal. It’s jewelry? Or something more personal? Bah, doesn’t matter! Your loved one will love it because it’s Valentine’s Day and you cared enough to consider that it’s kind of a big holiday for some couples. For some people. For some people you happen to know and maybe kind of love a little.


Well, just in case any of that slipped your mind (Hey, it happens. I’m not here to judge.) the good news is you still have a whole day left! Get cooking, grab some candles and dash down to the local shop for some flowers. No gift?

Bliss Thru Shopping’s got you covered.

• Picture frame, Ivy Cottage (Auburn Mall), $32.99

Dark wood wall frames beautifully decorated with a sentimental phrase about love. Slip in a snapshot of you and your sweetheart (although the frame is fairly large, the photo space looks about 4 by 6 inches) and present it with a flourish. Bonus points if you also hang the picture.

• Coleman king size sleeping bag, Wal-Mart, $36.88

Yes, it’s winter and yes, winter camping is cold. One word: snuggle.

• Small heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, Wal-Mart, $1

At first glance, these little boxes look juvenile. They’re decorated with cartoons and bear such poetic phrases as “You rock!” But one couple’s childish is another couple’s child-like. Take a risk and show your fun side. Besides, you’d have to be heartless to turn down a little box covered in cartoon penguins and the endearing sentiment “You give me chills.” Um. Did I mention there’s chocolate inside?

• 19-piece doctor kit, Victor News, $6.99

Child’s kit includes a stethoscope, eye chart and bandages. Play doctor. You know what to do.

• CDs and DVDs, FYE, various prices (all 20 percent off)

First, R.I.P. to FYE. After years at the Auburn Mall, the music and video store is closing! According to a clerk there, only South Portland’s FYE will remain in Maine. No closing date had been announced. Currently, the store is offering 20 percent off CDs and DVDs and 30 percent off accessories. Which leads me to a great Valentine’s Day gift: music and movies! Cuddle up on the couch with tear-jerkers “The Bodyguard” and “Titanic.” Draw a bubble bath while “Romantic Piano Classics” plays in the background. Not quite your thing? There’s always “Brokeback Mountain” and Barry White. Again, not here to judge.

Best find: Professional poker kit, Victor News, $15.99

Strip poker. Need I say more?

Think twice: Mello Smello Valentine’s Day temporary tattoos, Victor News, $3.99.

Choose from colorful skulls and crossbones or tie-dye peace signs. Could be fun for some couples. But as a special V-Day gift? Only if the relationship is doomed to last as long as the tattoo.

Shopping Siren’s true identity is protected by a pair of stylish, sweater-wearing Doberman pinschers (who love to love ya, baby) and the Customer Service counter at the Sun Journal. You can reach her at [email protected]

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