LEWISTON — Androscoggin Head Start and Child Care’s River Street Prekindergarten and Child Care Center, Washburn Prekindergarten and Child Care Center, B Street Prekindergarten and Child Care Center and Hillview Prekindergarten Center were recently visited by members of the Lewiston MAINEiacs hockey team.

Players read to the children as part of the MAINEiacs’ “Lewy’s Read to Succeed” program, which encourages early reading by having team members visit elementary schools, prekindergarten programs and child care centers to read with the children.

Participating in the reading events were Lewiston MAINEiacs players Eric Bonowitz, Zack Evans-Renaud, Jordan Kennedy, Stefan Fournier and Cameron Critchlow. Players read to approximately 125 children, ages 3 to 5, in their visits to the four Head Start centers.

“Promoting early reading is so important in a child’s development. Having the Lewiston MAINEiacs come to visit with Head Start’s children, and more importantly read to them, shows their dedication to our youngest community members,” said Estelle Rubinstein, executive director of Androscoggin Head Start and Child Care.

“Thanks to Elaine Makas, Chair of our Board of Directors, for assisting to make these visits possible, and to the Lewiston MAINEiacs players for being such positive reading role models for our children,” Rubinstein said.