DEAR SUN SPOTS: Could you tell me where you can purchase the presidential dollar coins, the U.S. territories quarters or the America the Beautiful quarters at face value? The local banks often do not have them. The banks in Auburn have them, but I don’t get down there very often. An online source would be great. The U.S. mint even charges more than face value unless you order $250 worth! Thanks. — No Name, No Town

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Can you please tell me when the presidential gold dollars will be released this year? — No Name, No Town

ANSWER: The first quarter, Millard Fillmore, was released Feb. 18. Franklin Pierce will be released May 20, James Buchanan (who many historians rate as one of our worst presidents) on Aug. 19 and Abraham Lincoln (often cited as one of the best) on Nov. 18.

The five America the Beautiful quarters to be released in 2010 will honor Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas, Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, Yosemite National Park in California, Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona and Mt. Hood National Forest in Oregon. You can check out the America the Beautiful quarters national site register at to find out which national sites were selected. Acadia National Park will be released in 2012.

The six quarter-dollar coins in honor of the District of Columbia and five U.S. territories: the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands were released in 2009.

Sun Spots did not find any place to buy coins at face value. You can buy them online, but you’ll end up paying more. Your best bet is to go to a larger bank, where the coin turnover is larger and more frequent. You could also ask your local bank to order them for you, although Sun Spots cannot be sure they will be able to cooperate.

What Sun Spots did to collect the U.S. state quarters was to buy an entire roll of quarters for $10. If you’re lucky, they’ll have a roll of new quarters straight from one of the 12 Federal Reserve banks, where money is printed and from which it’s distributed. The dollar coins come in rolls of 25. If you can afford to buy rolls, you will have a better chance of getting the coins you want. Then you can either roll the extra coins and take them back to the bank for paper bills, or you can spend them.

Perhaps readers will have other, less cash-intensive suggestions. If you do decide to go online and pay extra, be careful to buy only from well-known reputable dealers.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Can someone help me? I’m looking for a store that sells bras that hook in the front. I can’t use the ones that hook in the back, mostly because of medical problems. I have been to numerous stores and can’t find them anywhere. Thank you. — Charmaine, No Town

ANSWER: Sun Spots spoke to Rachel in the lingerie department at JC Penney. She said they carry the front-hook bras for average figures in the store. If you are full figure, she can order a bra for you through the catalog. Sears also carries a limited number in its store. It has additional selections available online. Sun Spots is sure there are other places as well. Readers will undoubtedly be able to help.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: Can anyone help me find an LHS 1962 Folio yearbook? I am trying to locate one for a fellow former classmate who now lives on the West Coast and lost hers in a move. I can be reached at 689-3451. — Karen Clark Bishop, Auburn

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