Nathalie R. Jones


FARMINGTON — Nathalie R. Jones, 92, of Farmington, died March 5 at her home.

To her children, Ronald and Betty-Sue, she was mom, not mother. To her students at the University of Maine, she was Nat, not Professor Jones. She survived two world wars and the Great Depression in her own self-sufficient way; living her life as she believed she should for herself , her children, and the many people she loved and who loved her.

Nat loved to sew, work in her huge garden (and give most of the produce to the neighbors), and go on rafting trips with her students. She had a life-long love of learning and reading. The thing she loved most is a good meal with her family and afterwards a good game of cards or checkers with family or friends.

Nat was born in 1917 and is the widow of Herbert Adams and of Lenwood Jones; and is survived by her sister, Dolly Perry; her son Ronald; her daughter Betty-Sue Greiff; her granddaughters, Jenette Nye, Patty Ann Summers; and grandson John Holgerson; her great-grandaughters, Alexandria and Tiffiny; and two great-great-grandchildren.