SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (AP) — Ozzie Guillen is known for getting to the point fast, and the Chicago White Sox manager made a quick and strong point with infield prospect Dayan Viciedo.

During a White Sox game Monday against a Los Angeles Dodgers split squad at Camelback Ranch, Viciedo hit a fly ball to left-center field in the bottom of the fourth. Looking like a routine out, he jogged up the first base line. Meanwhile, the center fielder slipped and the ball looked like it might drop before a catch was made on the run.

White Sox general manager Ken Williams was watching the play develop from the stands, and shouted,

“Tell him to (expletive) run it out!”

Williams then walked down to the dugout and had a brief conversation with Guillen.

“I was more upset than Kenny was,” Guillen said. “We don’t put up with that stuff here and we don’t like players playing like that. Especially coming from a kid who just played double-A last year.”

Guillen noted minor league players hustle when they play.

“I talked to him in the dugout before Kenny came down. I talked to him in the dugout after Kenny came down and he promised me it’s not going to happen again.”

Viciedo, regarded as one of the top minor-league prospects in the White Sox organization, is in spring training playing first and third base. The native of Cuba turns 21 on Wednesday.

“It’s just something I’m making very clear in spring training. I don’t care if we play a ‘D’ game or if we play against the coaches,” Guillen said. “We play for a reason and the reason is to play good. He made a mistake, hopefully he’ll learn from that mistake and I don’t expect that will happen again. We just move on. He knows he did wrong.”

Viciedo said everything is fine and worked out.

“I always try to run hard on the bases,” Viciedo said in Spanish. “But this time I didn’t and I didn’t do it like I should.”